Born out of good intention and great ambition, the origin of GEYED® is a hard-fought lesson in never giving up.


GEYED® was founded on the undeniable principle that there is power in belief.

When founder Doreen Coutelin was in her late twenties, she learned that even the best laid plans could be thrown off course. All at once, she found herself alone and unemployed, with two young daughters to care for and no place to call home.

Long days, sleepless nights and prolonged time away from her children to find work allowed self-doubt and fear to creep in. She was constantly battling with herself, questioning whether she was on the right path and where it would lead.

But the universe has a way of showing us what we need to see just when we need to see it. At her darkest time, Doreen was introduced to the metaphysical properties of crystals and chakras. She researched the complexities of crystals and their long-studied effects on the human body. She created vision boards and pushed herself to a place of deep introspection to discover not just what she wanted but why she sought it.

Then a funny thing started to happen.

Little by little, Doreen began noticing that her visualizations were becoming clearer. As her self-awareness grew, her intuition did too. She became more conscious of the energy she put out into the world, and the energy she allowed herself to absorb from others. Gradually, the steps she needed to take became more obvious. And the intentions that she had set, the affirmations she repeated, and the hard work she was putting forth were starting to pay off.

Doreen has traveled a long way from where she once was, but her journey is not over. GEYED® is her way of sharing this experience with others – of giving them the transformative tools they need to take charge and live the life they truly deserve.