A Welcome From Our GEYED® Founder

A Welcome From Our GEYED® Founder

Welcome Friends!

GEYED® was inspired by my personal path to self-rediscovery. While lost, I walked through many doors, but it was the world of energy healing that captured my Heart chakra. Over the past seven years I practiced what I now preach, from tuning in and trusting my intuition to taking action in the pursuit of self-growth. Bringing awareness to the seven energy points (chakras) is GEYED’s® mission. GEYED’s® desired outcome is a woman who takes back her personal power by utilizing awareness through her own unique energy points (chakras). How powerful to understand your personal needs and how to visualize the path to acquire them. How powerful to know when to walk away from situations not meant for you, guilt free. How powerful to choose your SELF without hesitation, but with honor.

GEYED® is not just another item of clothing, but a vehicle that supports your well-being, encourages your goals and allows you to explore a space in the Universe reserved for your very own spiritual journey.

With love and gratitude,


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