We all understand the value of a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, and a good balance between work and leisure. The reason all of that is so crucial is something we don't often discuss, but it all comes down to safeguarding your mental energy. Even if you are physically in the best form of your life, you will still feel miserable if something (or someone) is mentally depleting you.

The office is a minefield of rumor and you dread entering it. That "buddy" you have had for all time? She just complains about life and slips in subtle remarks that make you wonder about your own. Every hangout ends with you feeling worn out.

You're not doing well in that job.

Both the job and the person who isn't truly your friend are awful for you. You need to learn how to shield your energies from their negativity if you want to truly be living your greatest life.

Some Effective Energy-Protection Techniques:


  1. Pay Attention To Your Feelings.

Stressed? Recognize the symptoms to relax more effectively and quickly. Stress might manifest as irritability, a tension headache, a feeling of disarray, or simply not feeling like yourself. It's simple to cease noticing these indications because we all have so much going on during the day, yet doing so is crucial. You are not an automaton. Things aggravate you. The first step is to develop an awareness of your emotions.

The first step to preserving your energy and preventing it from being wasted on stress is developing an awareness of your emotions.


  1. Establish Limits To Save Energy.

Saying that doesn't work for me, “No, thanks.” is a skill you should have. A strong protective strategy that allows you to manage your energy and keeps the depleting effects of other people's expectations at bay is drawing a line beyond which you just cannot stretch yourself. Don't feel bad if you decline. Your needs are equally essential to everyone else's.


  1. To Reduce Your Exposure To Negativity, Practice Mindfulness.

It all comes down to controlling your ideas and intentions. When you consistently think about how worried or exhausted you are, you become that.

We become what we think about, therefore if you are continuously thinking about how busy or anxious you are, or how exhausted you are from this dreadful day, then that is all you will be. The practice of mindfulness involves being conscious of your thoughts, your inner dialogue, how you react to the attitudes of those around you, and how these things influence you. When you reach this level of awareness, it is much simpler to tune into positivity and stay away from negativity (both inside and outside).


  1. Find Your Happy Place.

Close your eyes and visualize the location. The truth! When it comes to defending your energy, visualization of a place you adore, where you feel comfortable and at ease, is a powerful tool to apply. Perhaps you picture your bed, which is covered with comfortable blankets. Perhaps it's that hike-friendly trail. Your battery will be greatly recharged if you sit quietly for a full minute with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, and picturing that place in as much sensory detail as you can.


  1. Understand Your Triggers.

Are you uneasy when under a lot of stress?

Learn how to deal with and prevent the energy draining consequences of both stress and anxiety.

If approaching deadlines causes you to curl up into the fetal position, master organization. 

Social anxiety limits your interactions to those that you genuinely enjoy rather than those that you feel obligated to attend. Again, expressing no, no thanks, has a lot of power.


  1. Create A Sanctuary.

Make your home calming by filling it with your favorite textures, hues, and scents. Allocate locations for your favorite pastimes, and schedule time to indulge in them. Take time to indulge in your hobbies and interests, whether they are cooking, crafts, or learning. Having a beautiful place to come home to after a busy day will relieve a lot of stress and negative energy. It might even be the joyful, happy place you imagine when you take a break.


  1. Make Your Mental and Physical Spaces Clean.

A potent strategy to safeguard your energy is to declutter your zones at home, at work, and in your thoughts. When you're surrounded on all sides by physical and emotional issues, it's challenging to maintain a steady, stable mental state. That kind of setting is more conducive to disarray, chaos, and stress.

Remove the waste. Get rid of anything and everyone that isn't helping your situation. Donate, unfollow, and unfriend everyone who causes you stress, including toxic people and outdated items you'll never wear again. 

Difficult? Sometimes! But ultimately worth it.


  1. TRUST Your Gut.

Are you coping with someone or something that feels unhealthy? Pay attention to your gut and guard your energies by observing how you feel after dealing with someone or something. You can determine if they are bad for you. There is a reason why they make you feel worn out or simply distracted and a little stressed. Pay attention and avoid being around anything or anyone that makes you feel strange.


  1. Establish A Strong Social Network.

Focus on the individuals, organizations, and activities that make you feel good. Being around joyful people will make you feel comfortable, just as being around individuals who deplete you has a bad impact on your energy.

Finding coworkers whose vibes you truly enjoy at work and figuring out how to get along with them. Planning your lunch or coffee breaks, after-work beverages, or even a hangout over the weekend. When you pay attention to those who do, it becomes much easier to protect yourself from the effects of those who don't.


  1. Construct A "Wall."

Making a barrier is a really helpful exercise when it comes to shielding yourself from negative energy. This uses the power of visualization, much like thinking about your happy spot. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and surround yourself with a gentle white light that is supportive. Consider it to be a force field, a protective bubble, or some traditional light therapy. Whatever you call it, it's a reliable method for keeping out bad energy.


  1. Quit Wasting Your Energies.

In actuality, the reason you feel exhausted is because you allowed someone or something to drain you of all your wholesome, happy energy. You must want to "establish limits" and "say no" when it comes to accomplishing this. Not because you already know you should, but because you are conscious of the benefits of guarding and nurturing your own energy as well as the drawbacks of always nurturing someone else's. Many of us find it challenging to put this principle into reality since we frequently prioritize the needs of our friends, family, and coworkers. But the saying "you have to love yourself first" is true. You must be very motivated to do so.


  1. Manage Your Ego.

How much time do you spend reacting to bad influences and wasting it on unimportant things? Be frank with yourself about how much you lust after the flawless Instagram existence or how quickly you get sucked into a dispute over a piece of rumors. Any time you react to negative energy, stress about looking as nice as someone else, or attempt to "correct" someone's perception of you, your ego is at work. Think before you act. Keep your ego in check so you don't squander time or energy. First, consider whether or not this issue is even worth your precious energy. Most likely, it isn't.

Because energy is the deciding factor in both your physical and emotional health, it must be protected.

Every day, we give a lot of ourselves away to our loved ones, our friends, and our coworkers. We must understand that our needs are equally as crucial as those of everyone else’s. Safeguard your energy. 

If you're a highly sensitive or empathic person, you already know how crucial energy protection is to presenting yourself. If you don't take precautions to secure your energy, many things can happen.

Do any of these circumstances ring a bell?

Ø  You are in a good mood as the day begins, but when you open social media and see something that makes you upset; you have "accepted" the negativity.

Ø  You have “absorbed” the anger and you can’t return to the good mood you started with, no matter what you do.

Ø  You're delighted to tell a friend about some wonderful news when you meet for coffee, but when she starts whining, you soon find yourself joining in. As a result, you leave the conversation feeling down or melancholic.

Ø  Once you discover your partner is anxious after a hard day at work, a major argument breaks out seemingly out of nowhere.

We don't have to let other people's energy influence our lives and our work, even while "bad" feelings or situations can't always be avoided (and shouldn't be ignored, as processing all emotions is vital).

In order to prevent ourselves from succumbing to absorbing and taking on the energy of those around us, there are ways we may intentionally shield and protect our own energy.

High sensitivity makes you perceptive to other people's energy.

Being sensitive to the energy around you is a necessary component that you cannot overlook.

You're probably well aware of how quickly, and sometimes unconsciously, you may be influenced by the emotions and moods of others.

This "exposure" can take many different forms, including people, situations, the news, and global events, and it can have an impact on how you feel and behave.

 Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means checking in with yourself and being aware of your thoughts. One way to tap into mindfulness is through meditation. Meditation allows you the unique opportunity to quiet your mind. You’ll sharpen your awareness of your thoughts without being so reactive to them. You can realize that you are so much greater than any perfectionist thought you might have and through that little time of isolation in which you would practice mindfulness, you will be able to train yourself to neutralize your heightened sensitivity and energy-absorbent habits into transmuting it into something positive. 

You must learn to avoid exposure to energy draining situations or people and if that is inevitable at some point, then learn to sit with yourself patiently to transmute all that negative energy into positive and mindfulness is one of the finest ways to recharge yourself of energy drainage.

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