GEYED Girl, we made it to the Big Apple.

Well technically not yet because the Showfields NOHO Brand Curation is not until September 28th, 2022. 

But still…

This is a huge milestone for GEYED and we’re super excited to attend a face-to-face celebration like this. *insert happy dance*

“Wait, did you say celebration?”

Yasss, girl. Exactly. It’s a celebration.A celebration of mission-driven and innovative businesses.Lots of amazing brands all under one roof for the first time.A one-of-a-kind event with a goal of bringing businesses and customers closer and creating a unique retail experience for everyone who will attend.

Can we expect to see you there?


If it’s your first time hearing about us – hello there!

Nice to e-meet you. Allow us to introduce our brand. GEYED offers a line of conscious chakra activewear that goes beyond physical fitness. Every piece is designed around the seven chakras to help keep your energy balanced and intentions on point.

It’s more than just an outfit. Think of it as a spiritual technology that makes you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside.

GEYED is here to join you on your journey to self-transformation.



GEYED made it easier to keep your energy balanced and do your self-care rituals at the same time. We made sure to keep it stylish, too.

Each piece from our collection is made from soft premium fabric that feels like a dream, in color healing hues, and comes with anti-slip internal pockets to secure your crystals in place.These pockets were designed with the 7 chakras in mind and color-coded for your convenience.

Did we mention that pieces with crystal pockets include one handpicked and hand-polished crystal? Another reason to love GEYED.It’s the perfect way to target your chakras, keep your energy centers in check, and improve your spiritual wellness.

Want more details about our conscious activewear collection? Click here.


To truly believe that there is power in believing.

To see what the universe wants us to see just when we need to see it.

To set good intentions and great ambitions.

To put in the hard work.

To visualize our best life and experience it.

This is our way of living.

It’s how we take charge of our life, discover our highest potential, and unleash our highest self.

And we want you to do the same.I t’s our mission to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

That’s why we’re so pumped about being an official brand partner of Showfields NOHO Brand Curation.We’ll have a chance to meet in the flesh, share our dreams and experiences, and uplift each other.The whole GEYED Team is getting a strong feeling that this is going to be one for the books.

Through this event, you’ll get a chance to set off on an unforgettable adventure in search of an elevated life. 

Let’s have fun all day during the launch on September 28 2PM at 11 Bond Street.

To celebrate this milestone, GEYED is doing FREE readings with Celebrity Psychic Medium Sarah Potter, from 3PM - 5PM. Come visit us there.

We can’t wait to meet you IRL, GEYED Girls!


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