GEYED® Featured in USA Today # 7 On The List! 15 top fashion brands in the industry today.

From drop-seat jumpsuits to golf joggers, these companies are innovating with style.

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When it comes to the fashion industry, being ahead of the game is the game. From drop-seat jumpsuits to golf joggers, these 15 companies are not just innovating, but innovating with sustainability and signature style.

1.    Josh Pierce

Josh Pierce, co-founder of JAXXON, brings a luxury commodity to your doorstep without the veil of fog of the standard jewelry market. Chains are made in Italy, with the highest-quality materials. JAXXON promotes good faith, elevating oneself and driving for goals. The company connects with personalities of all kinds around the globe, promoting the message of striving for more within oneself.

2.    Girls Crew

Girls Crew has become one of the internet’s most-loved jewelry brands. Founder and CEO Jina Chang offers her unique trendsetting vision to every piece of jewelry designed. People around the world immediately recognize a Girls Crew original by its intricate, dainty and playful signature. Founded in 2017, Girls Crew is already leading the industry, and they are only getting started. 3.    RBX Active

Eli Yedid, CEO of RBX Active, founded the company 10 years ago with a mission — creating fashionable activewear, in high-quality fabrics, at accessible pricing. RBX prides itself on being size-inclusive, selling products made for all people. As Yedid has said, “Why buy one chichi pair, when you can have three or four of ours for the same price delivered to your door?” Receive 10% off a purchase with code USA10.

4.    DMX Inc.

DXM Inc., led by CEO Matthew Wallace, built a sustainable, cloud-based platform encompassing an ecosystem of best-in-class global partners. It empowers creators, brands and influencers to customize, personalize, collaborate and test — delivering products in 48 hours or less via on-demand manufacturing.

5.    Daniel George

Menswear designer Daniel George believes investment in high-end, bespoke clothing is not just a matter of means and aspiration. The greatest opportunity presented to clothier and client alike is finding a garment that flatters the body and forefronts the personality. Their commitment to your experience comes with a money-back guarantee.

6.    The 6th Clothing Co, LLC

Badi Tolo launched The 6th Clothing Co, LLC in 2019, a single-member, Black-owned e-commerce business, born of a desire to make a difference supporting those often forgotten or underrepresented. The 6th offers partners branded merchandise and designs available for sale online, encouraging followers to understand we can “do more, be more, give more when we work together as one team, one tribe.”

7.    GEYED

Doreen Coutelin, founder of GEYED, noticed a need for high-quality, fashion-forward clothing that let her balance chakras on the go. Rooted in self-awareness and immersed in the world of energy healing, GEYED offers conscious bodywear with crystal pockets designed around the seven chakras.

8.    fivebyfive

Derek Aitken and Adam Saunders are the founders of fivebyfive, an inclusive, sustainable, active apparel company built on values of equality and responsibility. They create custom athletic-wear designs at accessible price points; primarily using eco-friendly, 100% recycled fabrics, and packaging with high-quality, performance-driven materials and finishings.

9.    Tom Foolery

Shannon Ashford, founder of Tom Foolery, believes in doing things right. The company is known for creating women's drop-seat jumpsuits, allowing ladies to keep their top on when nature calls. Using all sustainable materials, manufacturing is done locally and ethically, with a sewing college in Malindi, Kenya, as a partner. A percentage of sales are donated back to the college.


Afshan Khan of offers unique hand-embroidered sneakers, each pair individually embroidered by skilled Pakistani women artisans using centuries-old craft. The shoes are free of plastic or synthetic material and designed with end-of-life consideration, creating a closed-loop product life cycle. No-blend materials are easily integrated back into nature.

11.    Smart Adaptive Clothing

Nancy Connor, of Smart Adaptive Clothing, makes easy-fasten, stylish clothing that helps build confidence and offers independence for people struggling with dressing themselves. Offerings include items such as blouses and shirts for women and men that keep buttons on front closures and cuffs for “traditional” appearance with strategically sewn Velcro brand fasteners. These clothes lead with style, and leave the rest behind, while being designed for people living with disabilities, chronic illness, injury and more. Smart Adaptive Clothing starts designing with the small details first because they matter most.

12.    Støberi

David Schutz turned Støberi into a disruptive brand in the men’s wedding ring and accessory space, creating a new take on timeless. At, discover an artfully curated collection of designs combining modern materials and old-world craftsmanship. Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, these distinctive products lean into Scandinavian and Japanese ideals of simplicity and craft.

13.    Primo Golf Apparel

Four cousins out of Utah started Primo Golf Apparel, creating clothing for athletic golfers to wear on and off the course. Its golf jogger, in particular, provides a unique take on the classic jogger, by giving a dressy look in the front and a jogger look in the back.

14.    I Love Boston Sports

I Love Boston Sports is a premium sports art studio fueled by the creative energy of Mahlon Williams. Williams’ disruptive approach started outside sporting venues and grew into one of the most recognizable sports brands in the Northeast. His comic book mashups have inspired an entire genre of licensed sports products. Sometimes, “different” is just what the doctor ordered.

15.    Lusso Cloud

Lusso Cloud was created in the pursuit of ultimate comfort. This genderless, versatile footwear has the nonchalant style of a hotel slipper and the durability to stand up to the street.

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