Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Phew! I can't put into words the level of elation (and exhaustion!) I am feeling from the six day photo shoot we just wrapped up for the launch of our TRUTH Collection. It was such an amazing experience so I wanted to share a little peek at the behind the scenes ...

Day 1
Today we shot the beautiful Allissa at a private residence outside of Boston. After an early morning set-up, we began shooting some of the lifestyle shots for our website. With our whole team masked and following COVID safety guidelines, we were thrilled at how smoothly the day went.

Day 2
Today's model, Blake, was a superstar! She was all in, despite the fact that we had her shooting outside on a chilly day in December in New England. Stunning, gracious and a total joy to be around. We couldn't have asked for anything more. And the photos ... oh my goddess, the photos ...

Day 3
First day shooting in the studio. Our ever-energetic photographer Cheryl and her assistants showcased GEYED® gal, Oriana, today for more of our website lifestyle shots. I honestly don't know how we'll narrow our photo selections down ... there are going to be some tough decisions ...

Day 4
Here we go!! Finally starting to shoot the catalogue shots for our TRUTH Collection pieces. You wouldn't believe the planning and logistics that went into coordinating the models, pieces, colors and combinations to get everything shot as efficiently as possible. I tell you - if this amazing team was running the world, we'd all be better off! Everyone, from the stylists to the make-up team to our lovely models Lilly and Allissa, kept us laughing and in good spirits throughout the long day.

Day 5
More catalogue shots today. Coming off of yesterday's success, we had things moving like clockwork. Our friend, Blake was back and joined by Deborah. The two of them brought every piece to life and you could just feel everything GEYED® coming together.

Day 6
Bittersweet as we headed into our last day of shooting. But not without its own excitement and challenges. Mother Nature decided to bless us with the first substantial snowstorm of the season! Our always-ahead-of-the-game marketing team at Single Source had the forethought to put everyone up in a nearby hotel for the night so we could easily get to the studio in the morning to finish the shoot. As the snow swirled outside, Jada and Siobhan brought the heat as they channeled their inner energy to let the world know that GEYED® gals are a force to be reckoned with.

As we wrapped up, my heart was full as I realized how far I had come on my journey. I can barely contain the gratitude I feel for all who have helped bring GEYED® to this point. Watch out world ... here we come!

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