Protect Leggings: Hold Your Crystals Close During Your Yoga Practice

Protect Leggings: Hold Your Crystals Close During Your Yoga Practice

Everyone’s preferred yoga routine looks a little bit different. When prepping for any yoga session, the main thing you’ll want to do is to make sure that you’re in a comfortable space (yoga studio, living room, park, etc.) and to choose yoga clothing that’s right for you. You’ll also want to put yourself into the right mindset to ensure that you can focus and get everything you can out of your practice.

The way you go about that is up to you—are you more into group yoga classes or solo yoga sessions? Do you follow an instructor or do you prefer to do your own thing? Are you big on lighting candles, incense, or palo santo, or would you rather step outside for some fresh air? Do you adjust the lighting in your space? Does listening to calming music help you feel centered or do you prefer to revel in sweet silence? Each of these variations will come down to yogi’s choice.

But there is one key ingredient that people often miss out on when they roll out their yoga mats: the power of healing crystals! Did you know that holding crystals close during your yoga practice can help keep you grounded and improve your spiritual wellness? Crystals have been proven to balance the emotions and provide mental clarity. In addition to being great for your overall wellbeing, wearing crystals on your body creates stimulation and connection between the crystal’s energy and the seven chakras to promote manifestation, restoration, and creativity.

What Are the Protect Leggings?

Many yogis who are fans of healing crystals have tried to practice yoga with crystals in their hands, in their bras, or tucked into the waistbands of their yoga pants. While this can help to absorb the crystal’s energy, it can also be extremely uncomfortable! That’s why we’ve created the Protect Leggings: soft and stylish yoga leggings that flatter your shape, fit your active lifestyle, and are made with special pockets designed to hold your crystals!

Our crystal pockets are color-coded to help you identify the chakras by color. They are located directly over the chakra to assist you on your spiritual journey. The 1-inch crystal slit allows for easy access to your GEYED crystal and is lined with a non-slip grip to comfortably hold your healing crystal in place while you move through various poses during your yoga practice.

The Protect Leggings have two internal crystal pockets: the sacral pocket and the root pocket. The sacral chakra is responsible for sexuality, intimacy, and emotions. The root chakra is associated with confidence, grounding, and security. With these discreet crystal pockets, you can direct your energy towards the aspects of your life that may need a little extra love, choosing corresponding crystals that will help guide you in your yoga routine and beyond.

Red Jasper Crystal

Each crystal has its own set of benefits and can be worn inside of the Protect Leggings to target your two lower chakras. We recommend using your crystals as tools to help you manifest healing in the areas of your life that you’d like to improve. Included with the Protect Leggings is the Red Jasper Crystal - a crystal that is fiery in appearance with characteristics to match. When overwhelming burdens and oppressive forces begin to tear you down, you can turn to Red Jasper for a renewed sense of stability and empowerment. This crystal can serve as a reminder to maintain perspective and value your worth.

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Why Should You Choose the Protect Leggings For Your Practice?

If life has you feeling stuck, uncertain, or ungrounded, the Protect Leggings can help! You can target the root chakra to tap into confidence and find a sense of security within yourself. When the root chakra is activated, you’ll feel secure and eager to explore in various areas of your life.

Or maybe you’re feeling lethargic, unmotivated, or disconnected to your emotions or sexuality. Throw on the Protect Leggings and center in on the sacral chakra for inspiration. When you activate your sacral chakra, you will be able to live in the moment and experience life to the fullest.

If you’re looking to feel supported, self-assured, and in touch with your intuition during your yoga sessions and throughout your everyday life, the Protect Leggings are your perfect match. With curve-accentuating details, one-of-a-kind styles, and (of course) our unique crystal pockets, you’ll keep your energy centers balanced and intentions on point. And you’ll look fantastic while you’re at it!

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